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Horoscope by e-mail or mobile phone

 If you send an e-mail to astro@e-mailastrology.com,
you will get an e-mail containing the basic parameters for creation of a horoscope as a reply.

 Note: The return e-mail is counted by a program every 2 minutes. The simplest way is to send a blank mail, or to use the following parameters.

-date, format dd.mm.yyyy
(if not supplied then the current server system date is used)

-time, format hh:mm
(if not supplied then the current server system UT time is used)

-geographical longitude dddEmm, or dddWmm
(east or west longitude in degrees & minutes)

-geographical latitude ddNmm, or ddSmm
(north or south latitude in degrees & minutes)

-return e-mail address EMAIL ...@... or EML ...@...
(otherwise postal address of a sender, character conversion "*"->"@" a "#"->"_")

-Koch, or Campanus, Regiomontanus, Porphyry, Morinus, Alcabitius, Meridian, Topocentric
(otherwise houses of Placidus, geographical coordinates must be specified)

(Dragon's head, Lilith, asteroids, transneptunian planets - data available for 1900 - 2100)

Example of a message by the Paegas mobile phone:
#astro@e-mailastrology.com  email+42060yxxxxxx@sms.paegas.cz  6.7.1998  10:00  50N05  14E25  Other

Example of a message by the EuroTel mobile phone:
eml astro@e-mailastrology.com  email+42060yxxxxxx@sms.eurotel.cz  6.7.1998  10:00  50N05  14E25  Other

As return you will receive 4 messages:
6.7.1998 10:00 - So14Cn09 Mo05Sg28 Me08Le15 Ve14Ge09 Ma00Cn02 Ju27Pi51 Sa02Ta15 Ur11Aq49R Ne01Aq14R Pl05Sg43R Nn03Vi51R;
6.7.1998 10:00 14E24 50N5 - As28Vi60 Av27Vi36 Mc28Ge43 Pf20Aq19 D2_23Li05 D3_23Sc07 D11_04Le26 D12_04Vi41.
6.7.1998 10:00 - NnTrue02Vi37R Ll22Li37 Ch12Sc27R Ph15Li43 Ce22Ta42 Pa01Ar45 Jo28Vi38 Va00Cn15 Er14Sc51 Aa16Ta25 Hy18Cn13 Ps10Sc43 Ua07Vi02;
6.7.1998 10:00 - Cu00Sg01R Ha17Ge36 Ze02Li17 Kr27Ge11 Ap18Li46 Ad19Ta29 Vu19Cn25 Po02Sc34R;

Get information about sending and receiving an e-mail (SMS) from a mobile phone to web server or from the web server to a mobile phone.

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