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Date: Wed, 18 Aug 99 10:29:50
From: Hakan Kirkoglu

Dear friends and astrologers,
First of all, I thank you, whole astrological community who sent me e-mails expressing their feelings about this dreadful event. It is very
saddening to say that almost in 45 seconds more than 3,000 people died (number is growing every minute) and more than 10,000 injured captured in the middle of their sleep. The angel of death arrived in the very darkness of night.
My personal experience was not fear but total helplessness and shock as most of us were sleeping at that moment. No one could do anything, just watching trembling walls and listening total silence just after it. Electricity was cut off, it was full dark and no communication was available even mobil phones did not work. People tried to find their loved ones, families, and the experience was all panic and some kind of paralysis.
Of course it was sudden but this earthquake was not unexpected one. Geologists and earthquake specialists all warned in the last years that an earthquake is inevitable in the next few years in Istanbul as the epicentre of this quake is one of the most active techtonic line passing accross Turkey. Actually, such a high measure of more than 7,0 richter quake which lasted 45 seconds was the result of a hunderd years techtonic tension which built up slowly.
That night before earthquake, I was studying on Turkey chart for the next month's mundane article and September lunation on 9th, I found quite interesting as the lunation was exactly on Turkey's IC, on the forth house (Placidus) I assumed September would a month which internal affairs at paramount and something which concerning LAND could be a subject to argue on. In July as well, in our Group Prometheus seminar we studied Eclipse and the effects on Turkey. At that session the most striking point we discussed was Solar Eclipse which squares Turkey's Venus. Mars was on Venus and in the opposite was Saturn. In that speech, I had stressed that as Venus is related with national assets/values, financial institutions and homeland. Solar Eclipse occured in the end of 2nd house of Turkey's chart. I assumed that eclipse may have effects on economy, money as well as relations with neighbouring countries perhaps due to land issues. Cyprus issue, relations with our neighbour countries were discussed. I also noted that violent Mars/Pluto direct midpoint was on Asc (people, image of the country) in the Eclipse chart for Ankara.
Well, yes, this tragic event can be seen as one of the effects of eclipse on Turkey's chart. Eclipse with a grand square in the 2nd house focused on Venus. Earthquake happened on August 17, 1999, at 03:01.47 epicentring on Izmit (29E55, 40N46)
Now, let us look at this chart's Asc/Mc midpoint tree in 45 dial as Asc/Mc midpoint can show us the event in its time(Asc) and spatial (Mc) coordinates.
Here is,
In this midpoint tree we see MARS is exactly with Asc/Mc and tree involves Uranus (suddenness, devastation), Pluto (underground activity), Neptune/Pluto (something beyond personal very collective) and Sun/Saturn (concerning goverment deeply, very limiting)
This devastating event has also much effect on Turkey's economic structure. TUPRAS Oil Refinery which is the biggest company in terms of asset size is now burning with a danger of big explosion. Earthquake has hit the richest region of Turkey. If the fire cannot be controlled there will be severe ecological damage as well.
For the time being, people are very anxious and irritated as perhaps a new big hit may come and hit Istanbul with further deep damage. They are sleeping in parks, in open places with a fear of death. Death angel is flying on Turkey.
I hope, we left the most fearful moments behind.
Again, I thank you for friends sending sincere messages.
We pray for the victims of these dreadful event,
Best wishes,
Hakan Kirkoglu Istanbul
DATA Earthquake in Turkey Aug 17, 1999 03:01:47 AM EED Izmit (Kocaeli),Turk 029E55'00" 40N46'00"
Mo 00Sc41' Ne 02Aq24' Su 23Le40' Pl 07Sg44' Me 05Le10' No 12Le49' Ve 29Le11' Mc 24Pi52' Ma 19Sc57' As 15Ca02' Ju 04Ta53' Vx 01Sg42' Sa 17Ta02' Eq 25Ge41' Ur 14Aq27' PF 22Vi03'
Placidus Houses: 1st 15Ca02' 7th 15Cp02' 2nd 04Le33' 8th 04Aq33' 3rd 26Le46' 9th 26Aq46' 4th 24Vi52' 10th 24Pi52' 5th 00Sc52' 11th 00Ta52' 6th 10Sg30' 12th 10Ge30'
Turkey Oct 29, 1923 08:30:00 PM EET Ankara,Turkey 032E52'00" 39N56'00"
Mo 29Ge55' Ne 20Le13' Su 05Sc18' Pl 12Ca20' Me 24Li27' No 09Vi43' Ve 18Sc12' Mc 16Pi20' Ma 07Li24' As 07Ca47' Ju 24Sc17' Vx 25Sc20' Sa 24Li33' Eq 18Ge26' Ur 13Pi54' PF 02Pi24'
Placidus Houses: 1st 07Ca47' 7th 07Cp47' 2nd 27Ca36' 8th 27Cp36' 3rd 19Le20' 9th 19Aq20' 4th 16Vi20' 10th 16Pi20' 5th 21Li24' 11th 21Ar24' 6th 01Sg42' 12th 01Ge42'
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