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Date: Tue, 27 Jul 99 13:57:26
From: Hakan Kirkoglu

Dear Astrologers,
Nowadays, international politics witnesses again a severing conflict with alternating ebb and flows between Turkey and Iran. Both countries represent very opposite ideologies and paradigmas. Turkey is the only muslim and secular country in the world. No politician in Turkey swears putting his/her hand on a holy book as in the U.S.A. In this regard, Turkish secularism is in the same parallel with France. On the next corner, Iran is the embodiment of a goverment led by purely Islamic rules, Sheriat.
Recent days Turkey and Iran have been experiencing very tense period as Iran accuses Turkey tickling her internal issues, student protest and border invasions. Turkey also warns Iran due to their helpful attitude for terrorist guerilla organization PKK. Last Fall, Turkey and Syria were almost near to a hot clash cause of Syria's evident backing for PKK and Syria had to release Ocalan under much pressure.
I have made a quick study comparing these two national charts. Some interesting notes as follows: (stressful aspects considered)
Iran's Sun opposes Turkey's Mars Iran's Sun squares Turkey's Pluto Iran's Jupiter squares Turkey's Sun (disassociate) Iran's Sun semi-squares Turkey's Jupiter Iran's Neptune semi-squares Turkey's Sun Iran's Asc conjoins with Turkey's Neptune Iran's Saturn conjoins with Turkey's NN Iran's NN conjoins with Turkey's IC
These aspects are quite self explanatory indeed. Turkey and Iran, being two opposites clashes on ideologies. Iran is well known its exportation of Islamic movement in Turkey and Turkey is the best example of Iran's opposite ideology being a muslim and secular country. A strong menace.
Upcoming solar eclipse cannot be isolated from this perspective as both countries will experience this effect strongly. Solar Eclipse will fall Turkey's 3rd house cusp, close neighbour countries. It will also fall on Neptune. (Iran?) In Iran's chart (based on Nicolas Campion's World Horoscopes, Mr. Campion says that this chart is calculted assuming that proclamation occured at 3 p.m. on April 1st, 1979) Solar Eclipse will be exaclty occur on Asc.!! This point also conjoins with the direct midpoint of Jupiter-Saturn. This midpoint reminds me upcoming Jupiter-Saturn synod which will also opposes Iran's 4th house Uranus!
It seems that upcoming Solar Eclipse and its effective period can bring new challenges and shifts for both countries' attitude to each other.
Very best wishes,
Hakan Kirkoglu Istanbul
Iran Islamic Rep. Apr 01, 1979 03:00:00 PM IRD Tehran,Iran 051E26'00" 35N40'00"
Mo 06Ge46' Ne 20Sg28' Su 11Ar06' Pl 18Li02' Me 27Pi16' No 17Vi15' Ve 03Pi56' Mc 10Ta33' Ma 25Pi37' As 17Le17' Ju 29Ca04' Vx 00Cp53' Sa 08Vi18' Eq 05Le45' Ur 20Sc27' PF 12Li56'
Placidus Houses: 1st 17Le17' 7th 17Aq17' 2nd 10Vi19' 8th 10Pi19' 3rd 08Li01' 9th 08Ar01' 4th 10Sc33' 10th 10Ta33'
5th 15Sg11' 11th 15Ge11' 6th 18Cp00' 12th 18Ca00'
Turkey Oct 29, 1923
08:30:00 PM EET Ankara,Turkey 032E52'00" 39N56'00"
Mo 29Ge55' Ne 20Le13' Su 05Sc18' Pl 12Ca20' Me 24Li27' No 09Vi43' Ve 18Sc12' Mc 16Pi20' Ma 07Li24' As 07Ca47' Ju 24Sc17' Vx 25Sc20' Sa 24Li33' Eq 18Ge26' Ur 13Pi54' PF 02Pi24'
Placidus Houses: 1st 07Ca47' 7th 07Cp47' 2nd 27Ca36' 8th 27Cp36' 3rd 19Le20' 9th 19Aq20' 4th 16Vi20' 10th 16Pi20' 5th 21Li24' 11th 21Ar24' 6th 01Sg42' 12th 01Ge42'
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