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Date: Sun, 13 Jun 99 17:11:04
From: Avlille@aol.com
Subject: A Great Astrology Conference in Paris In ENGLISH!

Dear Friends & Colleagues: We are sending you the following information in the hope that you will help publicize this extraordinary pre-millennial event, in whatever way you can: newsletter, website, announcing it at meetings, etc. We hope you will agree with us that this is truly a unique event in a unique setting, just before the New Millennium begins. Although we are not sponsors of the event, Stephen Arroyo (one of our best-selling authors) is participating, and he rarely does major presentations these days, especially in Europe. Many thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide! With all best wishes, CRCS Publications (USA) P.S. If you would like a complete list of the books we handle, Email us back or FAX us at 707-793-9434, giving us your postal address.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: An Exceptional Conference in Paris in English (with French translation)
OCTOBER 9 & 10, l999... including two major presentations by each speaker, with simultaneous translation into French by high-level professionals
The number of places is limited, so early registration is strongly advised. The event will focus on a deepening understanding of both theory and practice as we face the new millennium.
FOR A PROGRAM & PARTICULARS...(Enclose a FF750 deposit if you want to reserve a place now)...send your postal address to: MILIEU DU CIEL-MIDHEAVEN 38 rue du General Beuret 75015 Paris--FRANCE
FAX; 33 (if outside France) +2-98 92 30 01 Email: milieu@club-internet.fr
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