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Date: Thu, 01 Jul 99 21:37:15 PDT
From: Hakan Kirkoglu

Dear astrologers,

Leader of the terrorist guerrilla organisation Mr. Ocalan was sentenced
to death by a Turkish Court on June 29th 1999, at 10:33 a.m. (summer
time active)(data from Turkish newspaper Radikal of 30.6.1999) in Imrali
Island, Turkey,  for reasons of treason, danger for the unity of the
country and being the motivator of slaughtering 30,000 innocent people

during last 14 years. During the process of the trial Mr Ocalan accepted
his responsibility for all his actions. Although he pardoned and
promised to be helpful for peaceful settlement of the ongoing problem,
this can be seen as a mere political manoeuvre, as the last resort.

The chart for this moment gives MC 00 55 Gemini and Asc 5 17 Virgo. This
is a full moon chart (high emotional tension) and note that 9th house of
Law and Justice contains both Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter here can
symbolise the verdict which can be opposed (a disassociate opposition
from Mars in the last degrees of Libra) and misinterpreted or misled by
others (both squares Mercury in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius) Thus
T-square planets involved in this configuration are directly related
with the cardinal houses (Mercury 1st, 10th, Jupiter 4th, Neptune 7th)
which reflects the immediacy of the problem and the disassociate Mars
rules 9th house which completes the whole picture, a grand cross, a

Michael Munkasey tells about Mercury/Neptune midpoint in his Midpoints
book as a legislature which controls the excesses and dreams of its
leaders (thesis) and a leader who mesmerizes people with delusions of
possible progress or growth (antithesis)

Upon the verdict is given all world press gave this as an alert news and
European countries requested not to execute the decision. Turkey has not
been executing such capital punishment since 1984.

It is interesting to note that transiting Sun was just on the Asc of

Turkey chart and Moon in the 7th house. This denotes great emotional
reaction of Turkish and Kurdish people who lost their sons, babies,
their most close relatives in the course of these violent actions.

Mercury being the ruler of the first house is the part of this
disassociate grand cross and in relation with both Jupiter and Neptune.
These two planets are closely related with the important cornerstones of
Turkish history and the upcoming transiting square of these planets can
be linked again with the Turkey?s severing relations with EU.

Another information, Mr Ocalan was born Apr 14 1947 It is said that
birth was before sun rise. This may put Mars in Aries in the 12th house
, an astrological symbol of behind scene terrorist activities. Mars
trines Saturn ruler of the supposed Capricorn MC. Moon is also in
Capricorn indicating his cruel attitude and early severe family
conditions and his alienation from mother, being dropped out of  by his
own family.(Moon opposes Saturn) His Sun/Moon midpoint tree (22,5 degree
dial) as follows:
1 degree)

As a final note, personally  it should be stressed that PKK being a
terrorist organisation does not reflect innate Kurdish people attitude
as it is being put by many opponents. There are Kurd parliamentary
members and even earlier Turkish President Mr Turgut Ozal had also have
a Kurdish origin.

I hope this tragic events could be ended through fair justice and mutual

With my kindest regards,

Hakan Kirkoglu
Istanbul, Turkey

Jun 29, 1999
10:33:00 AM EED
Imrali, Turkey
028E35'00" 40N40'00"

Mo  11Cp45'            Ne  03Aq41'
Su  07Ca08'            Pl  08Sg22'
Me  02Le41'            No  13Le15'
Ve  21Le06'            Mc  00Ge55'
Ma  28Li12'            As  05Vi17'
Ju  00Ta09'            Vx  01Aq49'
Sa  14Ta04'            Eq  26Le33'
Ur  16Aq14'            PF  09Pi54'

Placidus Houses:
 1st  05Vi17'           7th  05Pi17'
 2nd  28Vi56'           8th  28Pi56'
 3rd  27Li40'           9th  27Ar40'
 4th  00Sg55'          10th  00Ge55'
 5th  05Cp32'          11th  05Ca32'
 6th  07Aq27'          12th  07Le27'

Abdullah Ocalan (SPECULATIVE)
Apr 14, 1947
04:30:00 AM EET
038E46'00" 37N08'00"

Mo  28Cp50'            Ne  09Li04'
Su  23Ar19'            Pl  11Le00'
Me  27Pi10'            No  03Ge18'
Ve  16Pi50'            Mc  07Cp04'
Ma  01Ar40'            As  12Ar25'
Ju  26Sc09'            Vx  05Li20'
Sa  02Le03'            Eq  08Ar23'
Ur  18Ge44'            PF  17Cp56'

Placidus Houses:
 1st  12Ar25'           7th  12Li25'
 2nd  19Ta24'           8th  19Sc24'
 3rd  15Ge06'           9th  15Sg06'
 4th  07Ca04'          10th  07Cp04'
 5th  00Le08'          11th  00Aq08'
 6th  29Le37'          12th  29Aq37'

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