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Date: Thu, 10 Jun 99 13:25:51
From: Hakan Kirkoglu

Dear Astrologers,

As I have read from Turkish press, Nato Accord over Kosova has been declared by press conference on June 9 1999, 22:00 Macedonia time (20:00 GMT) at a NATO base in Kumanovai, Macedonia.

According to this data, the chart reveals MC at 12 01 Scorpio and Asc at 16:13 Capricorn. It is interesting to note that this time, Saturn being ruler of the Asc is just on IC as it was just on Dsc in the first bomb chart for Pristina.

Archetipally, we have to pay attention to Venus and its midpoint tree. (45 dial)Venus = NN/MO=SAT/MA=MC/JUP=MC/MA=SAT/JUP=NN/MA=URAN/MO Venus is also in opposition with Neptune.

As a symbol of peace, Venus midpoint tree is very self-explanatory with its relations with NN (joint venture, alliances), SA/MA coordinated military forces, JUP/MC and MA/MC a sign of strong motivation for military victory, NN/MA alliance for war and URAN/MO destabilized people of Kosovo.

Considering the conjunction of Moon and Jupiter, their midpoint at 24 48 cardinals, is closely related with SUN/Chiron sandwiched between Mars and Pluto, a symbol for war wounds and criminal activities.

Let us hope this accord gives a peaceful future for the all people of this region.

Hakan Kirkoglu
Istanbul Turkey

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