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Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 20:06:00
From: Hakan Kirkoglu

Today's Reuters: AlBashar al-Assad was formally sworn in on Monday as president of Syria, taking the office his late father had held for the previous three decades.

Ceremony should have taken place probably within half an hour ago. Nicolas Campion's World Horoscopes gives the date of 13 Nov 1970 (at dawn) for the coup d'etat led by the Hafez el Assad. Astrologically we expect these two charts are linked, and they are. Baath Regime had come to power under Jupiter-Saturn opposite and the leadership now renewed with the Jupiter-Saturn synod. Jupiter-Saturn synod coincides with leaders emerging around the world like Putin in Russia, Sezer in Turkey, (We may add the fall of Kohl from grace altough he already displaced)

Sudden change in power has come with the transit Uranus square to Baath Regime's Sun at 20 Scorpio. (Mars also trines to Sun today) Hafez al Assad's dictatorial regime could be seen through Sun opposition to Moon/Saturn conjunction in that chart while Bashar sworn when Sun-Mars pair culminated in Cancer strong clues for military regime behind him as well as defensive attitude in regard to homeland. (Mars squares Asc) It is well known issue that Syria is a key element in peace process in the Middle East (current Palestine-Israeli talks going on)

In the sworning chart we see Moon-Neptune conjunction (not Saturn this time) in the 4th house opposing Venus in Leo. Can Venus be the peace process led by Clinton (Leo) If it is so we hope that peace may come with Jupiter's position (sextile Venus) e.g. through bilateral talks. Venus is also the chart ruler with Libra rising.

Bashar sworns: 17 July 2000, 12:30 local time, Damascus

Baath Regime: 13 Nove 1970, 07:06, sunrise chart, Damascus

Best regards,

Hakan Kirkoglu, Istanbul

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