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Date: March 26th 1999 02:00:40
From: Nicholas Campion
To: Prometeus Group

Dear Hakan,

Many thanks.

Other relevant data includes:

1) Republic of Kossova: sovereignty was proclaimed in 1991 (I have no
date). This was confirmed in a referendum held on 26-30 September 1991.
I have no time for the close of polls or announcement of results.

2) Serbia: received independence at the Treaty of Berlin, 13 July 1878,
2.30 pm in Berlin (= 2.58 pm LMT in Belgrade).

3) Yugoslavia Federation (consisting only of Serbia and Montenegro),
proclaimed at 14.04 CST (12.04 pm GMT) on 27 April 1992 in Belgrade.

4) NATO, 5.00 pm approximately, 24 August 1949, Washington.

All sources are in my 'The Book of World Horoscopes'

Best wishes to you all, and may peace be restored,


In message <36FA849B.305E@superonline.com>, Hakan Kirkoglu
kirkoglu@superonline.com writes
>March 25th 1999
>Dear astrologer friends,
>In regard to the air strikes against Serbs, as I have acknowledged from
>Turkish press, the first bomb exploded in Pristina at 20:09 CET on March
>24th 1999.
>The chart reveals Saturn-Venus conjunction is just on Dsc being Taurus
>is the Dcs ruler. Sun/Moon midpoint is almost squared to North Node. (It
>is evident that first quarter of the moon phase shows crisis in action
>and NN alliance). The last nunation on April 16th, 1999 also shows Mars
>on Dsc on Balkans in ACG.
>Retrograde Mars and Mercury may show that this attempt could have many
>complications and could be hindered in many ways. This event may be a
>strong factor regarding August Eclipse cause the path of the Eclipse
>will also be on this region, beginning from USA to UK and then Balkans,
>and Turkey.
>Lets hope peace arrive soon.
>With best regards,
>Hakan Kirkoglu
>the first bomb
>Mar 24, 1999
>08:09:00 PM CET
>021E10'00" 42N39'00"
>Mo  08Ca26'           Ne  03Aq52'
>Su  03Ar42'           Pl  10Sg28'
>Me  24Pi20'           No  21Le20'
>Ve  07Ta42'           Mc  07Le49'
>Ma  11Sc58'           As  01Sc11'
>Ju  09Ar16'           Vx  07Ge25'
>Sa  02Ta34'           Eq  12Sc41'
>Ur  15Aq28'           PF  05Aq55'
>Placidus Houses:
> 1st  01Sc11'          7th  01Ta11'
> 2nd  29Sc22'          8th  29Ta22'
> 3rd  02Cp12'          9th  02Ca12'
> 4th  07Aq49'         10th  07Le49'
> 5th  11Pi04'         11th  11Vi04'
> 6th  08Ar48'         12th  08Li48'

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