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Date: Fri, 18 Feb 00 11:35:00
From: Hakan Kirkoglu


Today Iran votes for her future amid of radical changes. While I am writing this short note, I am also watching CNN giving comments, a Professor from Tehran University talking about his expectations of a lanslide victory of reformist Khatemi government. However, official results will be announced tomorrow evening, I guess.

Well I felt attracted to look at Iran chart and it is really evocative of Uranian energy. Uranus is just crossing over DSC and also preparing itself to make a square to its natal position in the 4th house. That is quite illuminating of what is going on in Iran currently. In mundane terms, 7th house can be interpreted as the opposing power as well as diplomatic relations. In Iran's chart, Uranus rules 7th house as well. Hence Uranus could be expected to activate very Uranian energy which is normally hidden in the 4th house, resulting in a powerful change originating from opposing factors to current Molla regime.

We cannot ignore the powerful 5 February Aquarian newmoon which also occured exactly on Dsc of Iran. This newmoon also shows a busy activity in the 7th house for Tehran.

Beginning from this Spring, Uranus will be squaring its natal position, it will not be a surprise for us to see dramating changes in Iran in the next couple of months which will be operative during next year as well.

Iran data taken from Nicholas Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes. 1 April 1979, 15:00, Tehran.

Kind regards,

Hakan Kirkoglu


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