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Date: Thu, 18 Nov 99 20:18:00
From: Hakan Kirkoglu


Today, leaders of the countries from Armenia to Spain gathered in the halls of Cýragan Palace over the Bosphorus in Istanbul. I think the weather in Istanbul was very reflective of what was going on inside. Yes, it was very windy, rainy and chilly weather we had today, much symbolically in parallel with the meeting. We, the people of Istanbul are glad to host such a number of leaders of the world as the last summit of the millennium despite traffic jam and very very strict security measures. Fortunately for me, my office is in walking distance from my home, I have seen dozens of people who were stuck in the jam and immense population on the sidewalks.

OSCE (Organisation for Security and Collaboration in Europe) Summit had a start today morning at 9.a.m, Istanbul time with the reception by Suleyman Demirel who is the only single leader also participating the first OSCE summits 25 years ago.

Chart for this moment shows the Moon hovering close to Turkey's MC at 16 20 Pisces, while the Sun was conjoining Turkey's Jupiter in Scorpio.

Today's talks seem not very fruitful as Checenia issue had an enormous effects on the mood of the meeting and Yeltsin defended his case with angry remarks against a solid oppositions from Clinton. Almost all countries declared same point of views. Bilateral meeting among countries proven successful results and it seems that relations between Turkey and Greece further improved and Turkey signed the long lasted deal for Caspian pipelines project which will have strong repercussions in the region's energy resources.

As for the other interesting notes about the chart, Venus was at the points on Istanbul sky. Venus also made an exact sextile to Pluto and also had in sextile with NN of the Moon. A nice symbol for collaboration and creating alliances of power. Semisquare of Venus to the Sun can be interpreted as striving for harmony and balance.

However, we cannot ignore a retrograding Mercury in Scorpio which was also the ruler of the Dsc of the chart. Perhaps Mercury was the reluctant leader of the Russia and mainly an opposing factor in the meeting. Retro Mercury was at Semisquare with Libran MC (the aim of the meeting) in square with the Uranus and in trine to the Moon. Mercury's 45 dial midpoint chart as follows:

Mercury=Sun/Uranus=Neptune/Pluto=Sun/Saturn=Moon/Mars A midpoint tree involving Sun/Uranus-Saturn could not be easy with itself indicating current stubborn, rigid attitudes. And Yeltsin returned back to Russia delaying the signing ceremony of the Meeting. So if no agreement will have been reached by tomorrow, the meeting could end in fiasco.

I would like to have a thorough assessment of the signing ceremony when further detail available tomorrow, I hope.

Best regards,

Hakan Kirkoglu


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