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Date: Sat, 09 Oct 99 07:23:40
From: Dinos Constantinou
Subject: Re: UK train disaster

Hi All,

I would like to repeat here what I wote to an astrology discussion list a few days ago about the train accident in Paddington.

I think that we should try and simplify things as much as that is possible by looking at significant astrological moments and then by comparing them to other significant astrological moments. So i took the 11 Aug 99 eclipse and found that the eclipse Merc. was 90 the train accident's Merc. from the 9th house. We may take Mercury 9th as a long routine journey by train since most pople were going on long routine journeys to work at that time. Two mercs. in 90 degree aspect to each other within 2mins of arc has to be a conflict of communication (ME) or coordination going wrong. Also please note that the smaller train did ran a *red signal* (Mercury also rules signals) just before the accident. Defining which Merc is the weakest perhaps will tell us who was more likely to commit a communication (Merc) error. I would say that both Mercuries are in a bad shape by sign and by house except perhaps the accident ME who is "accidentally* (no pun intended here) dignified in the first or is it ? (horary astologers help!) It's also interesting to see that the eclipse 0 degree Leo Merc Sabian symbol reads "under emotional stress, blood rushes to a man's head" I wonder who of the two drivers was under more stress than

the other at that time, perhaps the red signal driver? Perhaps both drivers share equal responsibility for this accident...

Another idea and one way to test this argument is to see what happens when the coming transit of ME aspects the eclipse ME by hard aspect and then take it from there. Perhaps we can all place a bet as to what will happen on the 19th of Jan. 2000 when ME will be 0 degrees Aquarius 180 the eclipse ME. We can locate the transit wherever we like in the world and go for a plausible prediction like, "Internet breakdown causes massive communication chaos in ...(you chose the location)", or "Computer wizzard takes on FBI or Scotland Yeard ...", etc

Best wishes and thank you for sending me your thoughts on this matter,

Ninos Constantinou

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