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Date: Thu, 07 Oct 99 10:40 PM
Subject: UK train disaster

Hello Hakan

We just had the biggest train disaster ever here in the UK. It all happened at on 5th October at 08.11 BST in Paddington, London [51N31 ; 0W13]. ASC 21 LIB 51 / Moon 21 LEO 25.

Wiith Mars exactly on the 3rd cusp (Placidus) of routine journeys, closely trine the Moon in the 10th. Is the government going to benefit from this one?

Mercury just into Scorpio heading into that threesome with Jupiter and Neptune has to be the safety standards issue and just maybe points a finger at the boardroom directors who've been creaming the profits whilst the passengers tear their hair out listening to another cancelled train announcement. The real Mars story only really comes out in the direct mid-points. Mars = Mercury / Uranus tells us information technology was at the root of this disaster. The Moon / Mars trine has the rising degree at its mid-point with both Moon & Mars in fire signs.

Apart from Mars = Mercury / Uranus, Neptune = Mercury / Jupiter with Neptune on an angle has to be at the deep core of the incident. Mercury in Scorpio is going to be very secretive, I think, considering the square to Neptune but Jupiter thrown-in points the finger at short-term financial gain & financial irresponsibility.

Some scandal is afoot, I feel. The world keeps a-turnin'.

Best wishes


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