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Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 14:02:00
From: Hakan Kirkoglu
Subject: Earthquake in Taiwan

Dear astrologers and friends,

This is just a quick data on very recent earthquake which hit Taipei, Taiwan at 1:47 a.m. , 21.9.1999 at their local time.

Actually, I have been studying earthquakes since Turkey earthquake and still working on data of at least 700 worldwide earthquakes which cover 1900-1994, the ones above 7,00 richter in magnitude. Unfortunately, I could not enter all data in Jigsaw software, such a huge collection, but this issue is something I am deeply living with due to a possible quake in ýstanbul. Well, out of 160 earthquakes so far, there seems to appear an interesting finding that there may be a high level of correlation between Sun-Mars aspectual phase. While researching on these data of 160 charts only, (1900-1914) I have found that most of the quakes occur when Sun and Mars within the area of + or - 120 degrees phase, I mean the probabilty of the quake goes to zero when they are in opposition. (geocentrically) This is perhaps not an astrological finding but also could be an astronomical as well, as we could suspect from Mars gravitional force combining with the other celestial bodies., i.e, Venus and Moon. I only will be able to draw my conclusions after finishing my study on the entire data. However, Mars factor seems to be a very dominant figure so far.

Geodetically, again Taiwan earthquake shows Moon is very close to IC as in Turkey earthquake.

Lets hope this worldwide nightmare ends soon,
With my kindest regards,

Hakan Kirkoglu

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